PreK - 1st Grade

Faith Formation

Some important things to know:

Class starts promptly at 10:15...

Please make sure you have your child to class on time (and now you will have plenty of time to get to Mass and sit in quiet for a few moments :)  Class ends at the end of Mass.

All parents/guardians must wait in the lobby until told to go to the class room for pick up. It is a big distraction when people hang out and look in windows. Don't worry your children are in GREAT hands :)

NO FOOD in classrooms Some classes will fall on Donut Sunday. Please take your child AFTER class.

PreK will learn The Sign of the Cross, Glory Be and The Our Father along with many other fun things! They will make placemats with these 3 prayers on them. Please say them with your children every day.  In time your children will be able to say them on their own. Children will also be given lessons to do at home in between each class.

Kindergartners will learn  The Hail Mary (as well as the 3 listed above). Children will have take home work to be done in between each class. It is very important that you go over these with your children. They will make a placemat with all 4 prayers on it in the first class.

1st Grade will learn  The Apostles Creed as well as the 4 prayers listed above. In the first class they will make placemats with all 5 prayers on it. They will also learn about key parts of our Catholic Faith. Children will receive a lesson plan at each class for you to go over with them in the month between classes. It is very important that you go over these with your children. They will also receive a student book. Each unit that is assigned (might not be assigned in order) needs to be gone over with your child and filled in in the book. Failure to do so will result in your child not being prepared to actively participate in class.

Please take the time in between classes to do this with your children and go over their prayers nightly/each morning etc... After all you are the first and most important teacher in your child's faith journey, we are here to help and support you. You DO have what it takes to help your children in the most important journey of their life!  YOU CAN DO IT!!




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