Prayer Line Requests

The Prayer Line Ministry is served by all parishioners: youth, senior, able-bodied or home-bound. Prayers can be received via multiple avenues (see side bar) and will be communicated to the Miistry Chair, who will then begin the 'phone tree' process. 

Healing is a process that begins with a strong faith and prayer - then moved on to include the actual 'need'. The Prayer Line Ministry is meant to bring together willing parishioners to share in prayer for those in need. Paryer requests may be submitted for anyone, parishioner or not, who is in need, no matter what that need is. 

If you are interested in becoming a prayer warrior and help provide spiritual support to those in need, please contact Judy Guarco at 860-651-2127.


Would you like to submit a prayer request?



860-653-3371 Parish Office

860-651-2127 Judy Guarco, Ministry Chair



St. Therese Prayer Line, Granby CT

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