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8:15am & 10:30am

Parish Center Chapel
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Holy Days
8:30am & 7pm
(Services held in the church)


Saturday – 3:30pm
(unless otherwise noted)

RCIA Program

Have you ever wondered how a person becomes a member of the Catholic Church?

Many, many years ago, if an adult was a member of another faith denomination or had no religious upbringing whatsoever and became interested in becoming a member of the Catholic Church, they would meet with a priest privately for a period of time and then would be quietly baptized or received into the Church when it seemed appropriate.

Since the Second Vatican Council in the mid-1960s, the Church has developed an entirely new ministry, based on the earliest practice of the Church, to welcome all who want to know more about Catholic Christianity and to create a way for individuals to become Catholics. It is called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, commonly referred to as RCIA.

RCIA is a process by which both unbaptized adults and those baptized in other Christian denominations learn about the Catholic faith and way of life.  It is a communal process of spiritual and educational formation for adults who seek to become full members of the Catholic Church through a conversion of mind and heart.

RCIA is for all:

  • Adults age 18 or older
  • Who have never been baptized in any faith
  • Who were baptized in another Christian faith
  • Baptized Catholics who have never received the Sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist

The RCIA process here at St. Therese emphasis is on personal reflection, prayer, and discovering how to become a better disciple of Jesus Christ.

Just because you start RCIA, doesn’t mean you are committed to finish.

For more information on this Wonderful Journey of Faith

Those interested in attending RCIA classes

Please contact Jackie W. RCIA Coordinator or 860-844-8713