St, Therese Church

Mass Schedule


8:15am & 10:30am

Parish Center Chapel
(No Friday morning Mass)

Holy Days
8:30am & 7pm
(Services held in the church)


Saturday – 3:30pm
(unless otherwise noted)

Mass Ministries

Current Schedules for Altar Servers, Extraordinary Ministers & Lectors:

Altar Server Schedule

Lector Schedule

Money Counter Schedule

Extra Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Schedule

Please contact the Parish Manager for more information on any of the following ministries.

Altar Servers

Those children who have receive their First Communion are eligible to be Altar Servers.  Training and written instructions are provided.  Contact the Parish Manager for more information on training.


Any parishioner (age 17 or older) is eligible to be a Lector (must be comfortable with public speaking!).


No formal requirements are set other than appropriate dress, and regular Mass attendance.

Money Counters

Four teams of four persons each are needed for each Sunday.  Must be age 21 or older.

Music Ministry

Participation in Sunday’s 10:30am Folk Choir is always welcome.